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Our Approach

Grovecourt Capital Partners identifies opportunities where we can partner with exceptional teams to grow and establish market-leading businesses.
Investment Criteria
What does Grovecourt Capital Partners look for in companies?

We are constantly searching for investment opportunities that closely align with our in-depth industry knowledge in business services, communication services, healthcare, and industrials.

  • Situations requiring creative capital, with a long-term investment horizons
  • Platforms for follow-on investments or consolidation opportunities

Working with US
We are growth oriented investors

We help create and accelerate organic and inorganic growth opportunities by providing founders and management with resources, expertise, focus, and drive.

  • Develop and build strong management teams and sophisticated board of directors to guide and navigate accelerated growth.

  • Develop strategic frameworks to support business transformation and identify the right tools needed to optimize performance and sustain growth for the long run.

  • Provide access to growth capital and balance sheet optimization through our capital markets and financing expertise.

  • Grovecourt’s team is experienced in developing robust corporate development programs with the ability to identify, acquire, and integrate strategically sound acquisitions.